Why we launched [INVNT GROUP] during a pandemic

In this Q&A Scott Cullather, president and CEO of INVNT Group, explains the reason for the seemingly counter-intuitive launch during a period of economic uncertainty. INVNT was launched during the global recession in 2008, and now you’ve launched INVNT group during Covid-19. Why the decision that decision during uncertain times? Uncertain times like a global[…]

5 Qualities to Look for in a Virtual Speaker

By Scott Cullather, President & CEO, [INVNT GROUP] and Co-Founder, INVNT Even though COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease around the world, it isn’t time to shift your focus away from the virtual experience just yet. We can now expect to see the rise of phygital events, which combine physical and virtual experiences—think satellite events for[…]

Why we decided to expand during a pandemic

By Laura Roberts, managing director, [INVNT GROUP] APAC Right from the beginning of the global outbreak of COVID-19, we encouraged our clients not to go quiet on their audiences, but live and breathe their purpose and communicate with them more instead of less. Why? Because consumers look to brands for advice, support and resources to[…]

5 Ways to Be an Effective Mentor: Why Mentoring Is More Important than Ever

By Kristina McCoobery, COO, [INVNT GROUP] and co-founder and CEO, INVNT Every leader should strive to hire people who embody their principles, their mindset, and their vision. For us at INVNT it’s things like a voraciousness for learning, passion for the work, risk-seeking, and zero tolerance for average. There’s also a sense of rebelliousness, a[…]

INVNT refreshes its group brand story and names new president and CEO

US-based live brand agency INVNT is relaunching itself as a ‘global brandstory project’ group and has added a new set of sub-brands. The international portfolio now comprises Folk Hero, a modern brand strategy firm, HEVĒ, a branded content and digital marketing studio, INVNT, the global live brand storytelling agency, and Meaning, its newly launched creative-led culture consultancy.[…]

INVNT Receives Four Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

INVNT has been recognized across four categories at the prestigious Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2020. The recognition spans: A Silver for the INVNT agency in the Most Innovative Advertising or Marketing Agency of the Year category. A Silver for INVNT and TEDxSydney 2019 in the Award for Innovation in Non-Profit / NGO Events category. A Silver[…]

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