INVNT weighs in on the state of experiential

APAC Managing Director, Laura Roberts shares her thoughts on how the industry has shifted in 2021. From outdoor stunts to hybrid experiences, up-skilling and pro-activity, the piece sees Roberts and other key experiential leaders explore how the industry innovated at a time when in-person experiences weren’t possible. Access the entire print feature here. The post[…]

[INVNT GROUP]’s Meaning Brand Announces Strategic Alliance with Purposeful Change

Meaning is now equipped to offer the best of a creative agency & organizational transformation consultancy. (L to R): Allan Fair, Chief Culture Officer, Meaning and Simon Lamb, Convener In Chief, Meaning. [INVNT GROUP], THE GLOBAL BRANDSTORY PROJECT has today solidified a strategic alliance between Meaning, the creative-led culture consultancy it launched in 2020, and Purposeful Change,[…]

INVNT named to Inc. 5000 Regionals

The agency has made the prestigious 2021 list. The annual list recognizes the top 250 fastest-growing private companies in the New York Metro Area. Check out INVNT’s Inc. 5000 profile here. The post INVNT named to Inc. 5000 Regionals appeared first on INVNT GROUP NEWS.

What can we expect from experiential marketing in 2021?

INVNT CEO, Kristina McCoobery shares 2021 experiential marketing trends. Experiential marketing, otherwise known as brand experiences or events, saw massive growth in the years leading up to the pandemic. It’s a trend that was set to continue as forward-thinking CMOs recognized the need to up their experiential spending in order to engage their discerning audiences who thrive[…]

Clubhouse: an app for events?

APAC ECD, Adam Harriden on the rise of the Clubhouse app. Adam Harriden, executive creative director at [INVNT GROUP], APAC, believes Clubhouse can benefit the industry by helping to keep things fresh and offering a new way of meeting. “Allowing users to select topics that interest them when they join the app means host brands[…]

INVNT – Transforming Brand Potentials

Reader’s Digest recently featured INVNT and it’s ability to transform brands through experiential marketing. Marketing has been around since the beginning of time. It is the art and science of engaging people to create an emotional connection between a brand or organization and its products or services, ultimately fueling growth and furthering innovation.  Today, there[…]

How and why brands and organizations can do good

Scott Cullather, President & CEO, [INVNT GROUP] discusses the importance of developing a ‘do good’ strategy. Purpose has risen to the top of the corporate ladder in recent years, as brands and organizations have either witnessed or experienced the benefits of a purpose-driven approach – these companies report 30% higher levels of innovation, and they retain their[…]

Scott Cullather on reimagining a brand or business in 2021

[INVNT GROUP] CEO, Scott Cullather shares leadership advice with Singapore’s MoneyFM 89.3. According to a survey of over 500 U.S. small businesses, 92 percent have reinvented themselves during the pandemic, with many having pivoted in multiple ways. This shows that no matter how big or small your business or organization is, this is the time to[…]

Meaning and Folk Hero launch With[in]

The brand and culture consultancies develop 60-day brand refresh workshop. Meaning and fellow [INVNT GROUP] discipline, brand strategy firm Folk Hero have developed With[in], a workshop focused on not simply digital transformation, but wholistic transformation. Leaning on the combined expertise of Meaning and Folk Hero, Within[in] helps brands and organizations re-orient their vision and re-articulate[…]

10 Predictions For Meetings and Events In 2021

INVNT CEO, Kristina McCoobery and other industry leaders share their 2021 predictions with TSNN. The coronavirus understandably caught the events industry flat-footed last spring. Who can predict a once-in-a-century disease? But nearly a year into the pandemic, there’s been time to experiment, learn, adapt and develop better strategies going into 2021. Live events are going[…]

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