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10 Predictions For Meetings and Events In 2021

INVNT CEO, Kristina McCoobery and other industry leaders share their 2021 predictions with TSNN. The coronavirus understandably caught the events industry flat-footed last spring. Who can predict a once-in-a-century disease? But nearly a year into the pandemic, there’s been time to experiment, learn, adapt and develop better strategies going into 2021. Live events are going[…]

Should You Start a Digital Agency in an Economic Downturn?

[INVNT GROUP] CEO, Scott Cullather sat down with Jason Swenk, host of The Smart Agency Master Class podcast to discuss starting an agency during uncertain times. The interview covered: Should you start an agency during an economic downturn? Does your agency have a challenger mindset? Why self-awareness is key to your agency’s continued growth. Take[…]

Top Advertising Industry Trends to Watch In 2021

2020 was surely a year of loss and disruption—but also transformation and innovation. In this Ad Age piece [INVNT GROUP] CEO, Scott Cullather reveals some of his top trends for 2021. As tired as we all may be of hearing the phrase “in these uncertain times,” messages of solidarity reigned supreme in ad campaigns this[…]

New Ways with Hybrid, and Why the Future of Retail is Experiential

In this B&T opinion piece [INVNT GROUP] APAC Executive Creative Director, Adam Harriden explores how the retail space is, and will continue to, borrow from experiential, resulting in unique hybrid experiences for consumers… Most of us are probably happily saying ‘sayonara’ to 2020 as it threw us a few curveballs, but there are a ton[…]

Where will remote working take us?

Event agencies share lessons from lockdown and make predictions about the future of work. [INVNT GROUP] APAC Managing Director, Laura Roberts comments on our agency’s lessons. Company meetings and appraisals via video, virtual site inspections, communications solely via email and webchat, remote working… welcome to the ‘new normal’ of the event agency office. But just[…]

What’s a Challenger Mindset, and Why Adopt It in 2021?

Kristina McCoobery, Co-Founder and CEO of INVNT & COO of [INVNT GROUP] explores the benefits of embracing a challenger mindset. Scott Cullather—my husband, life partner, and business partner—and I wrote a book entitled Challenge Everything™: The Battle Cry That Blew Sh*t Up And INVNTd Live Brand Storytelling™ because a willingness to challenge the status quo is what set our[…]

Three Ways To Prepare Your Business For 2021 – And Beyond

Scott Cullather shares three future strategies with Forbes. This year has been one of immense change. Amid COVID-19, the restrictions on in-person contact have meant consumers’ viewing and purchasing habits have undergone a major shift, and digital acceleration has occurred at a more rapid pace than ever before. Now as you approach a fresh new year, it’s time[…]

Career evolution in the hybrid event revolution

Claudia Stephenson, Managing Director of [INVNT GROUP], EMEA shares predictions for the future of hybrid with Virtual Events Institute. In a year of seismic changes and challenges, virtual and hybrid events are emerging as a vast growth category – and a source of job creation. For event planners, what will be the new opportunities and[…]

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