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Why success in 2021 will be dependent on the health of your BrandStory

By Kristina McCoobery, CEO, INVNT and COO [INVNT GROUP] Renowned company, start-up in its early stages of development, individual… We’ve all got a unique story to tell. Have you checked in on the health of yours? The world has undergone a seismic shift in 2020. We’ve been living through an unprecedented time amid the pandemic,[…]

Innovative strategies for pitching new business during a pandemic

[INVNT GROUP] President & CEO, Scott Cullather shares some of his thoughts. Nothing breeds innovation like adversity, and this year has brought a wave of challenges that have pushed agencies to tweak and fine-tune—or rethink entirely—their usual way of doing things. With in-person meetings ruled out and budgets tightened up across the board, agency leaders[…]

Survival Mode: How COVID-19 transformed my business

Embed new skills to create new revenue streams, advises Laura Roberts, APAC Managing Director, [INVNT GROUP]. In M&C Asia’s September / October issue, [INVNT GROUP]’s APAC Managing Director, Laura Roberts shared [INVNT GROUP]’s strategy on how the company has transformed during the pandemic. Instead of shying away from the challenges, INVNT decided to expand during[…]

Redefining the Rules of Engagement

In M&C Asia’s September / October issue, INVNT’s Director of Production for APAC, Fiona Pullen, featured in an article on the new rules of engagement in the virtual event world. Pullen highlighted the ongoing need to get creative in the virtual space as hybrid events become the norm. “The senses play an important role here…[…]

Corporate Success During a Crisis – ‘LennHill Approach,’ A Winning Strategy

This piece explores the LennHill approach, a framework ideated by Scott Cullather, President & CEO, [INVNT GROUP] ‘The Credit Crisis of 1772,’ ‘the Great Depression,’ ‘The OPEC Oil Price Shock,’ ‘the Asian Crisis,’ ‘the Financial Crisis of 2008.’ The world’s history is dominated by a number of major crises that crushed the global economy, led[…]

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